Facilities design

Azuren designs, build and leases EOR facilities. We work with the client to fit the facilities into the existing development or bring our own mobile injection skids for a smaller pilot. Because Azuren is an integrated company the design is fitted with the chemical recipe and development concept.

Azuren also trains and works with the operators in the field. They are an other key to success and we pay a lot of attention to this. Even the best recipe in the lab needs to be mixed with care in the field.

Chemical facilities can be composed of 4 parts:

  • Water treatment facilities. These facilities could incorporate:
    • desalination, when the make up water is very saline, desalination plants help to reduce the cost of chemicals.
    • Softening, when the water comes from a e.g. carbonate aquifer it is useful to reduce the CaCO3 in order to make the (mainly) surfactant more efficient.
    • Sulfate removal and filtration.
  • Chemical mixing. A choice can be made for online mixing, whereby the chemicals are
  • Chemical storage. These days there is a preference for plastics and fiberglass since the storage is low pressure and Fe2+ and Fe3+ are an issue.
  • Production and emulsion breaking facilities. When a micro-emulsion is created in the reservoir, it might be produced back and needs to be broken into crude and water. This is commonly done with time (settling tanks), heat and chemicals.