Enhanced Oil Recovery

Azuren focuses on Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) services. Our specialties are Chemical-, Thermal-, Miscible-EOR and waterflooding. We will provide your company with end-to-end EOR consultancy. Our services include portfolio and field screening, generation of business-cases, pilot or field development, assurance reviews, laboratory services and facilities design, construction, sale or lease.

We work with our clients to allow them to make the best financial investment decision. At each step of the way, Azuren will provide business analyses to determine the amount of incremental production, field ultimate recovery and value associated with that. Furthermore, Azuren will design and oversee laboratory work and field-testing which may be required to make this assessment.

The advantage of Azuren is that the client gets seasoned experts providing an independent assessment. Azuren’s pragmatic approach delivers fast screening, thorough scoping and high quality recommendations. Azuren facilitates transparent decision-making and enables your company to pick the right development for your field. Azuren’s field development approach is proven in many oil companies and it can be applied to every size field.